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Adapting to the Piezon PS - The no pain experience

While studying and after qualifying I used a Magnetostrictive scaler, its all I knew and had access to. It was time to upgrade our airflow and the option of piezon arised, I was reluctant to agree not knowing anything about it other than whispers it can be more uncomfortable for the patient. After being shown the new technology I was desperate to give it a try but found the transition challenging but eventually rewarding. After a month the only thing I could pick up was the piezon PS after such positive feedback from patients & results clinically. Here is my documented journey and tips to changing your practice for the better with use of the piezon PS.
Bild: Adobe Stock / alfa27


  • Describe the piezon PS no pain technology.
  • Appreciate the benefits of implementing into clinical practice & patient feedback.
  • Understand correct techniques to using the Piezon PS.
  • Tips for the transition for less experienced clinicians with a Piezon PS.

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31.05.2022 - 20:00 Uhr
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