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GBT and new concepts in cariology

Minimal intervention dentistry is now accepted for caries management. How and when to intervene using non-invasive, micro-invasive and invasive techniques according to the patient's individual caries risk and the caries activity are the main factor.
GBT and new concepts in cariology
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First, at each treatment steps: Non-Invasive, Micro-Invasive, or Invasive, it raised questions about how to clean without damaging, how to control the dysbiosis, how to disinfect the deep dentine layers and when to promote the use of ions released biomaterials. The presence of surface cavitation is the starting point for micro-invasive restoration, caries activity is a warning sign to reverse or to moderate the caries process thanks to ions released biomaterials and cleansability is a moderating factor. GBT could be now easily integrated in the new Bioactive Dental Concept which promotes the biofilm control and the use of specific ions released biomaterials.

The objective learning of this lecture will discuss:

  • The use of GBT concept adapted to the Bioactive Dental Concept in the 3 levels of restorative dentistry: Non-Invasive, Micro-Invasive and Invasive
  • How to promote new diagnosis tools with the help of GBT concept.
  • Introduce specific clinical flow charts to explain the Bioactive Dental Concept
  • Explain each steps thanks to clinical cases

Für diese Veranstaltung erhalten Sie 1 Fortbildungspunkt nach BZÄK/DGZMK.

29.06.2022 - 19:00 Uhr
29.06.2022 - 20:30 Uhr