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Periodontal e peri-implant diseases: non-surgical protocols

A particularly emerging topic will be addressed: peri-implant diseases.

Non-surgical periodontal therapy is always indicated as initial treatment and as maintenance care of any plaque-induced inflammatory oral disease.  That cause-related approach can be summed up in two chief components: HOME CARE SKILLS and NONSURGICAL PERIODONTAL INSTRUMENTATION. Continuous Patient’s Remotivation and Effective Etiological Therapy remain, therefore, essential, necessary and irreplaceable for long-term successful clinical outcomes.

The diagnostic phase is utmost crucial. Periodontal patient management, Modus Operandi, will be fully described, using video and numerous drawings, highly educational. Guidance on protocols for appointment schedule, in clinical practice, will be provided.

The use of modified subgingival debridement techniques, state-of-the-art technologies, cause-related laser-assisted nonsurgical periodontal therapy and novel materials can lead to highly satisfactory clinical effects.

The nonsurgical periodontal therapy limits and achievements will be evaluated, especially in ≥ 6 mm initial probing depth, distinguishing PD and CAL outcomes in single- or multi- rooted tooth,  with 10 year follow-up.

A particularly emerging topic will be addressed: peri-implant diseases. The non-surgical treatment has proven quite successful in case of mucositis. Vice versa, in case of progressive and irreversible bone loss, the non-surgical solution is not predictable, however, it is recommended as a first therapeutic phase. In some cases, clinically well documented, the non surgical option may have very satisfactory long term outcomes. In other cases can help to prolong significantly the survival rate of severely compromised implants.

14.07.2020 - 08:00 Uhr