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Smart Scaling Strategies

In the absence of ultrasonic instrumentation, dental health care practitioners (DHCP) will need to provide non-surgical periodontal treatment using hand instruments. Over the past decade, the dental hygiene instrumentation market has exploded with new, innovative designs that change the way we teach and practice. This course is packed with everything today’s dental health care practitioner needs to know about the latest, most cutting-edge instruments and the manufacturers behind them.

An in-depth review of basic instrumentation techniques will occur with a focus on ergonomic benefits, advanced treatment options, and conservation of tooth structure. A brief review of the pathogenesis of periodontal disease progression and the shift from scaling and root planning to root surface debridement will occur. Upon completion of this course the DHCP will walk away with increased knowledge and confidence in their hand scaling techniques.

08.08.2020 - 01:00 Uhr
08.08.2020 - 02:00 Uhr